Gaw Capital in partnership to tap into Korea Internet data centre market

Gaw Capital Partners has already authorized arrangements with IMM Investment Corp, a Korean exclusive equity firm, to tap into the Korea Internet data centre (IDC) market.

According to a statement on April 26 announcing the bargain, Gaw Capital states that this partnership will even more broaden the Dreamline telecom industry as well as marks the beginning for Gaw Capital to take advantage of the Korean IDC market.

Globally, Gaw Capital’s data centre portfolio comprises data centres in China, Indonesia, Japan, and now South Korea. The private equity company says that it will remain to seek out possibilities to increase its IDC existence in South Korea.

The contracts will see Gaw Capital make a critical investment in Dreammark1, a nine-storey IDC, as well as develop a common strategic partnership with IMM Investment Corp to grow Dreamline, a Korean telecom company that holds Dreammark1 as its subsidiary.

“The surging demand for data centres in Asia Pacific remains to grow as a result of raised Internet use driven by the pandemic,” claims Kok Chye Ong, head of IDC Platform, Asia (ex-China), of Gaw Capital Partners.

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